Welcome to the St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Toowoomba, Queensland, website. We hope you enjoy your ‘virtual’ visit and if you happen to be in the area, please visit us for one of our services.

St Paul’s Lutheran Church was formed in 1859 as the first Lutheran Church in the Darling Downs. The current building is the third church to be built on the site and was completed in 1959. A stunning feature of the current building is the great northern window, which represents a unique and adventuresome use of glass in a church building.

Our hall is open to the community for hire. The church is also available for services including weddings, baptisms and funerals. A small band of volunteers run Comforting Cuppa that can be requested for funerals. For more information about the hall or church, please email the office at office@stpaulstoowoomba.org.au

St Paul’s gathers for Divine Service With Holy Communion each Sunday at 8.30am. Worship is heaven on earth. In worship, the Triune God is present with his people in a special and public way. He calls us into his presence, to receive his grace and share in his holiness through the work of the Holy Spirit in the means of grace (the sacraments).

Worship can also be seen as rest; just being with God, quietly, without frenetic activity. God offers rest to us in worship, where we can cease from our labours, unburden ourselves, and let him do his work in us. We can therefore enjoy physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rest in worship.

Here at St Paul’s, we use various liturgies in worship, accompanied by a variety of musical instruments, including a pipe organ, electronic organ and a music group. We are also blessed to have access to talented vocalists who enhance the quality of worship.

Like worship in most historical mainline churches, Lutheran worship is sacramental and liturgical in nature. The focus of worship at St Paul’s, is God’s action among his people, through the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Sacraments. In worship, God meets humanity as a loving and forgiving God, who doesn’t turn anyone away. All are welcomed at worship, because God invites all people to himself.